March 4, 2010

Ripped nail

I'm back again - with 10 new polishes in my stash ;o) - and the best is: They are from brands I can't buy i my homecountry: Gosh, Make Up Store and Lumene. I'd love to try them right away but I've got a problem:

It happend while I grabbed my luggage ... and now there are those beautiful polishes waiting for me and I can't try them out. I guess I can go with sheer polishes where you won't see chipping so badly and perhaps thats what I'm going to do. I wonder if I should cut the edge of the nail - but then it would look really ugly - but I wouldn't get stuck in socks or hair anymore and it wouldn't rip any further. Will think about it this weekend.

Nails shouldn't rip ... what do you do when your nails are ripping? I know of the teabag method but I don't own any buffers yet, so it would look quite funny. Any other ideas?


  1. Hi Polished Sheep:

    One thing you could do is hide the nail by doing with Michelle Mismas does, she holds the bottle of the nail polish so just three finger show. Or use some nail glue to repair the nail but it might be tough with a ripped nail. Last resort would be the file them all down short. But your polished nails are so beautiful, I checked the pictures from your other swatches and you have beautiful hands and nails. I would love to follow your web blog and say thank you for those charming comments about me on laquermanic.

    I love the Matte green color it looks like polished glass. I also have used Matte by Essie, or even OPI Matte Nail Envy. I hope it works out for you and your right, nails should not rip.

    ((((Love Polished Sheep))))

    Mc Huggs :)

  2. Hello Mc Huggs!!

    Thank you so much! I was really thrilled about the text from you on laquermanic! Really love it that you polish your toenails! A few weeks ago my partner agreed that I might polish his nails once for fun - of course without leaving the house ;o) Will do that some day. Thanks for the visit in my blog! I'd be happy if you'd become a follower :o)

    Of course, swatching polishes is still possible, perhaps I will do that anyway (but I'm not really a swatcher - if I polish my nails I want to wear them at least for one day, more usually for 3-4 days). But I really miss it to polish my nails for work - and I guess thats not possible with a ripped nail. I will file them down as soon as possible - but right now the rip is at a place where I can't file.

    *waves to Mc Huggs*

  3. Yes, laquermanic asked me and since she I told her, I said sure. I just wish I had given her better pictures of my painted toes.

    I just became a follower, love your web blog. Your partner is a real sport to let you do this, it's only polish, it comes right off if he is uncomfortable with it. Let him polish your nails and toenails first so he won't mind as much, LOL

    It's sad that you can't file or even polish your nails for work because of the nail tear. Hopefully, you will be able to file them down and remember, "shorter nails are still gorgeous and beautiful." Is it the color that makes the nail or the nail that makes the color? Interesting Question? Kudos!

    ((((Love Polished Sheep))))

    Mc Huggs :)

  4. i remember seeing something for ripped nails off of youtube, or a blog or something. and she took tiny woven lace type things, and put nail glue on top for a few coats. and it kept the nail from ripping anymore. and you leave it to let it grow out, then remove it with fingernail polish remover and the aluminum foil.

  5. @Polished Fierce:

    Thanks for the hint! It sounds a bit like the trick with the teabag.

    I only took a file and polished a bit and decided to wear shimmer and glitter polishes and just ignore the fact that the polish chips a bit at the thumb. It's not really nice but it's not too bad either.