March 15, 2010

P2 - perfectly (147)

Hello polishlovers!

I was searching for an OPI Tickle my France-y substitution and I found something in a local drugstore. The brand is called P2 and the polish is perfectly. At least that's its name ;o)

It's not really a dupe for the OPI but still ... it was the best I found so far. It has a really subtle shimmer to it, at the first glance it seems to be a creme but no, here you can see that there are some shimmer particles in it:

I think perfectly is the wrong name. From something called like that I don't expect that it takes 3 coats and still is streaky and show VNL. It does not dry very good either, but with Poshe it was bearable but produced shrinkage.

So we have:
1 x P2 Base + Care Coat
3 x P2 perfectly
1 x Poshe super-fast drying topcoat

I think this polish is disturbing. Somehow reminds me of "Flowers of Evil" from Rene Magritte with the flesh-rose. Makes me uncomfortable. And yet somehow it's nice. And I love the high gloss finish!

In daylight it's a tad too pink for my skintone - but in artificial light it's the perfect color for mannequin hands.

Final verdict:
Disturbing :o)

What do you think about mannequin hands?

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