March 8, 2010

Brush Comparison - Lumene and China Glaze

Some polishes really come with great brushes and others have the same brushes I know from my childhood nailpolishing advantures. One of these typical "childhood brushes" would be the China Glaze brush. It's not too bad but nothing great either. I can live with it.

And then there are brushes that are really an ease - like the "One touch brush" from Lumene.

Here's a comparison between Lumene Angel Touch / Enkelin kosketus and China Glaze Wireless Holographic topcoat:

Okay okay, I admit it: The Lumene brush is not perfect! And no, it's not only "one touch"!

Great: It's wide and I really need less strokes + the round shape of the tip makes it easier to apply around the cuticles

What could be better: As you can see the tip is not perfectly shaped. Perhaps I cut it myself one day. One half of it is perfecty round, the other one is frayed.

I'm undecided about the flexibility of the brush ... while the China Glaze is really soft and flexible the Lumene is sort of stiff. This has advantages but I'm not really used to it.

But over all I prefer the Lumene brush.

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