March 10, 2010

Lumene - Angel Touch / Enkelin kosketus (8)

Here comes the first Lumene review!

It's a sheer duochrome polish and so hard to capture! In the sunlight the effect is pretty obvious but the camera just won't show it the way it really is - and of course by the time I was able to take a picture the sun was low again. Anyway, here are 2 pictures:

As you can perhaps guess the color goes from bluish pink over yellow to green - I wasn't able to capture the green at all! This is one coat of polish.

And here is one picture of the bottle:

I was able to wear this polish for about 5 days without any bad chiping but of course tipwear - without any base- or topcoat, because I just forgot to take them with me! So I just figured that this color looks so innocent, it won't stain. Well I was very surprised when I took it down after 5 days - my nails were yellow. Thanks a lot!

I will have to layer this one over a dark creme ... blue or black or something like that. Guess it would look pretty nice!

I already talked a bit about the Lumene brush, now lets hear a bit about the color range of their polishes. It's very dowdy. Mostly pink, nude and reds, cremes and shimmer. No blue or green. I saw 2 duocromes: This one and one light pink one which I will swatch somtimes later. The 2 most interessting colors I found was one brown with flakies and one lilac polish (the bottle is shown here). That's it.

The bottle size is pretty small, 6ml/0.19fl.oz. at a quite big prize between 4,90€-8€

There is one product line called "Natural Code" which also has nailpolishes and it even contains bold colors like green and yellow besides the notorial pinks. But I wasn't tempted to buy any of those, even if some colors where really interesting. Why not? The bottle size was even smaller! 4,5ml/0.14fl.oz. at a price around 4-5€. Somehow I fear that with such a bottle size I will wind up buying too many backups if I really like one color!

But I guess in the summer my curiosity has grown and I will buy a test bottle anyway ... so stay tuned ;o)

I usually use a basecoat to avoid stains - so do you know such innocent looking polishes that stain so badly?

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