June 30, 2010

Nubar - Petunia Sparkle (G186)

Hello out there!

Here comes another glitter: Nubar Petunia Sparkle! A pink glitter in clear base.

I almost didn't dare to wear this at work - and lets face it: The color is so not me!!

But actually I liked it and the female coworkers too! The male ones ... well they were baffled and started at it. Hm, a lot of people stared at it!

These are:
1 x Nubar Foundation Base Coat
3 x Nubar Petunia Sparkle
2 x Nubar Diamont Seal & Shine Topcoat

But even with 2 coats topcoat the surface was still bumpy and not really nice - but I was too lazy to add more topcoat.

And a closeup in the sun!

I already tried another Nubar sparkle and the first on did not chip - this one chipped after one day - I think the picture shows the 2nd or 3rd day.

Removing was nat that bad - I cut 2 makeup pads into nice little pieces that fit my nails, soak them with polishremover, place them on my nails and wait for 2-4 minutes - after that the polish comes off easily.

June 23, 2010

Make Up Store - SIW

Hello again!

So here comes the most expansive nail polish I own right now (14€ about 17$):
Make Up Store SIW
It's sitting for quite some time on my shelf - I showed a bottle picture here - I was afraid to try it out and to regret the money spent. But finally I dared to do it:

Isn't it a beauty?! I just love holos!

But of course: This beautiful light blue holo had to be a PITA to apply! Well at least when I tried it the "normal" way. I figured out that this one needs the following procedure: Base coat, 1 coat polish, topcoat, 1 coat polish and so on - 2 coats of polish on top of each other will cause bald spots. Unlike the China Glaze OMG holos this one really dulls down with a topcoat. But the good thing is: It dries really quick! You won't need a fastdrying topcoat with this one, a fact I love.

So this are
1 x Nubar Foundation Base Coat
3 x Make Up Store SIW
1 x Nubar Diamont Seal & Shine Topcoat
1 x Make Up Store SIW

So all in all this are 4 coats of SIW! Not because it's too sheer, no, because of the bald spots. Otherwise 2-3 coats would have been enough.

(had to make one picture in natural light but indoors because thats where the blue color is really beautiful)

Well, but it's not only a PITA to apply - it chips. These pictures are on the 3rd day of wear, but the chipping started on day 1 - I had to do minor touchups every day - but in the end I wore it for 7 days because it was just so nice.

So this is a very expansive polish which is terrible to apply and likes to chip but dries quickly. But somehow it is worth the trouble because it's just so - wow! I really like it and I'll have to check out the other holos from this brand - unfortunally they rised prices, now it's 15€ a bottle, at least the homepage tells so - so I'll only reach out for something really special - otherwise there would be a lot of nice colors to try, the color range was quite nice! And I love the bottles ...

I only wish for a personal lighting technician so that all holos always look adoreable!

June 8, 2010

Color Club - High Society (881)

I know I know - so many great and bright new polishes and I go for something like this ...

But be honest: It's really nice, isn't it? Well, I like it! :o)

So, this is:
1 x Nubar Foundation Base Coat
2 x Color Club High Society
1 x Nubar Diamont Seal & Shine Topcoat

Application was great (again, one coat would have been enough on most fingers), drytime was good to - there was some chipping after 24h - but that's due to my peeling and therefore weak nails. And the name High Society is a perfect one for this taupe creme - I always feel elegant and mature with these kind of colors.

I'm not sure if the Nubar Foundation might be the wrong way to go with peeling nails - it seems to stick too good to the nails and takes a bit nail with it when it chips.

The Nubar Diamont Topcoat seams to be a great alternative for Poshe! Perhaps I should try it with a P2 polish cause the Poshe caused shrinkage with them - it would be great if the Nubar wouldn't!

June 6, 2010

Bottle Spam

In the last month I got some new polishes I wasn't able to show - but better late then never ;o)

These are Catrice London's Weather Forecast (280) - love the name and I sea You (250)

These two are Nubar Foundation Base Coat and Diamont Seal & Shine Topcoat

Do you think I'm into glitters?! ...
These are (from left):
Nubar Gem (NPZ316), Prize (NPZ321), Petunia Sparkle (G186), Violet Sparkle (G185), Night Sparkle (G182)

And then ... I bought some nail polishes in NY (so don't wonder about the little stickers on the bottles). My NY haul:

The first ones (bought at Duane Reade near the Rockefeller Center):
Sally Hansen Rockstar Pink (05) and Lime Lights (25)

Sinful Colors (bought at Times Square/Walgreens and Duane Reade/Rockefeller Center and somewhere else I forgot) - again from left to right:
Pearl Harbor (142), San Francisco (802), See you soon (931), What's your name? (319), I love you (925), Ruby Ruby (369)

Sally Hansen HD's (CVS near Chrysler Building) l to r:
Wavelenght (11), DVD (15), Laser (16), Spectrum (14)

NYC Skin Tight Denim Creme (115A)

Essie (bought on the way to High Line Park ... Ricky Something ...)
Sag Harbor (683), Mint Candy Apple (702)

OPI - yes yes, I know ... I said I won't buy them anymore - well, but this one was not an online order ... just don't blame me, it was so nice! (same shop as above):
Catch me in your net (NL D33)

Orly (the blue one at Rickys from above the red one ... well from somewhere):
Star Spangled (40721) and Blue Suede (40241)

Claire's Mood Polish happy/earthy (from Jersey Gardens)

Milani (from CVS near Chrylser Building and some other stores):
Molten Rock (188), Totally Cool (119), Garnet Gems (27A), Ruby Jewels (23A)

Prevail (from Duane Reade in the Chrysler Building):
See you in Chelsea

And last but not least! Sephora by OPI (I don't consider those as OPI ... from a Sephora at times square, not 1500):
Mr. Right Now (210), Teal we meat again (007), 212-Sephora (016)

Well, a lot to try, I'd say!

June 4, 2010

I won a giveaway!

And here are the wonderful polishes I got from Scandalously Polished:

These beauties are:
OPI DS - Design
Finger Paints - Decked with Dazzle
Incing - Blackout
Finger Paints - Sparkling Snow

They are perfect, dear Scandalous! Blackout is my favorite (at least in the bottle) and they are all firsts to me: Never had Finger Paints or Icing or any OPI DS!

And thank you for sending me a second parcel, cause folks, the first one is somewhere in parcel-nirvana :o( It's almost 2 months ago that Scandalously Polished sent the first parcel - and I really appreciate that you went through the trouble of sending a second one! Thank you!