March 19, 2010

P2 - elegant (017)

And again a P2 polish (as I told you, drugstore polishes tend to jump right into my shoppingbasket): P2 elegant

It's a toned down lavender with pink shimmer.

(with flash to bring out the shimmer)

1 x Poshe nail strengthening treatment basecoat
3 x P2 elegant
1 x Poshe super-fast drying topcoat

I had to try it in matte right away - so here it is with Essie Matte about You:


I don't know ... somehow it does not work too well with my skintone and I hoped it would be a bit more grey. It's not totally ugly but it's not great either. And again: Shrinkage! Seems to be normal with P2 and Poshe. I only wore this one for one day - just didn't feel right.

And lets face it: This is no way elegant - at least not on me and at least not in the matte version.

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