March 12, 2010

Lumene - Night Party / Öiset juhlat (75)

Lumene, now you're talking!! This is really wonderful and a can't understand that I ever questioned flakies! They are perfect and I can't stop looking at them! This depth! Great, amazing, I'm totally thrilled!

Okay, what we have:
A brown shimmer polish with very small silver glitter and flakies that vary from yellow - green - orange - copper/red

Dragon says: Too tacky.
Sheep says: Just tacky enough!

But judge yourself:

(at sundown, therefore the reflections)

These are:
1 x Poshe nail strengthening treatment basecoat
2 x Lumene Night Party / Öiset juhlat
1 x Poshe super-fast drying topcoat

And one close-up:

Isn't this just wonderful?!

This combination did not dry as fast as China Glaze Emerald Sparkle with Poshe but still fast enough for me. But for the first time: Shrinkage! But let's face it: No one realizes my tips when they are facing the flakies!

My co-worker was so distracted that she did not listen anymore and I had to repeat my sentences 3 times. Cute :o) She agrees with me: Great polish!

Well Lumene - go on like this! More of those polishes, please! You've shown that you can do more than sheer oder creme pinks!

Leaves me with a dilemma: Need more flakies ...

Do you have a craving for flakies as well or do you agree with my dragon?

P.S.: There is another giveaway I want to mention:
The Springtime Giveaway from The Dutch Nail Blog - check it out!

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