March 14, 2010

Lumene - Night Party / Öiset juhlat (75) matte

Had to try Lumene Night Party / Öiset juhalt in matte!

This is one coat Essie Matte about You.

I was not sure if the matte finish would make the flakies disappear - but no, it did not, it's quite the opposite: Now you can see them much better because there are no more reflections on the nail. I like this! It makes the polish even more fascinating.

(with flash to show the orange/brown flakies)

By now the shrinkage + tipwear is disturbing but I don't want to remove the polish yet.

Gee, I hate how my skin looks on pictures - it's by far not that dry! It's not perfect either but still a lot better than what the pictures suggest!

For following posts: I seem to have find the best setting on my camera to capture the colors as accurate as possible - you'll see it next time when I show you P2 perfectly - my OPI Tickle my France-y replacement - not quite a dupe but the closest I could come up with in short notice.


  1. Yes, totally agree, even if the dragon says "Doesn't make it better". Guess he is really against flakies ;o)