July 2, 2010


Just to let you know: I'm on vacation! Without any internet - so don't wonder. By August I'm back with new polishes!

I wish you all a nice summer!

July 1, 2010

MNY - 109A

What a glorious name ... 109A! No really, bad marketing. BAD! I know a lot of polish lovers who reach out for a polish with a great name - just for the sake of the name (same with BPAL, by the way. It's just fun to wear something like "Eat me"). Creative names are important! So stop using only numbers! It's just no fun "Oh, your nails look nice, what kind of polish is that?" - "Oh, that's MNY 109A". Much better "Oh this is Catrice London's Weather Forecast" (to stay within the drugstore range).

But the polish is nice - it's a light turquoise/blue/pink duochrome shimmer. A bit on the sheer side, after 3 coats I still had VNL.

This is on the 3rd day - yes, there is some chipping ...

1 x Nubar Foundation Base Coat
2 x MNY 109A
1 x Nubar Diamont Seal & Shine Topcoat
1 x MNY 109A

I liked this polish a lot! It's a LE - so good that I got 2 bottles right away (will I ever finish one bottle?) And I have one shirt that is the same color (he he, no the shirt is not duochrome ;o)) and the combination was just wonderful!

Oh, by the way: I thought I mastered my peeling nail phase - but I didn't. Before I removed this polish I already saw it: Massive peeling on 3 nails :o(