April 29, 2010


A little addition from me: The Swatchaholic wrote a wonderful post about OPIs price policy - check it out!

I totally agree with her - I got a mail from OPI once that I should not buy OPIs at US internet shops but over my local distributor - I couldn't refrain myself, I wrote them that with their absurd international price policy I surely won't buy them here.

It's funny, it almost seem that they don't want to boost their market ...

April 27, 2010

Sad news - where to get nailpolish?!

I'm bummed ... transdesign - my polish dealer - stopped shipping nailpolish in flat rate boxes outside US. How should I get my polishes now? They had good prices, especially on China Glaze. The prices on China Glaze, OPI or Essie are absurd around here! OPI polishes go from 14-20€ (18-26$)! And after my bad experiences with OPI I would not buy a polish at that price. The China Glazes I bought here were 7-8€ (10-11$). Even with shipping and taxes the polishes I bought at transdesign were less expensive.

Very very sad.

April 26, 2010

China Glaze - Bermuda Breakaway (674) with Gosh - Rainbow (546)

Sorry for the big break! After the massive nail-peeling I gave my nails a little break and afterwards I needed a China Glaze FYI treat. The peeling is still bad ...

But now I'm back with a picspam from something ... well ... colorful! Very colorful indeed:
China Glaze Bermuda Breakaway layered with Gosh Rainbow.

Is it too much? - Perhaps

Do I like it? - Yes

Does the dragon like it? - No way!

This time the coats are a bit different:
2 x P2 8in1 nailwonder
2 x China Glaze Bermuda Breakaway
1 x Poshe super-fast drying topcoat
1 x Gosh Rainbow
1 x Poshe super-fast drying topcoat

I think a bit less flakies would have been nice - but Gosh Rainbow is really packed with them!

(in the sun)

And guess what? I had bed linen stamping! But thanks to the flakies you won't see it, so I don't care that much.

So what do we have? China Glaze Bermuda Breakaway is a creme blue - ink blue. A least the ink I wrote with as a child - before we were allowed to use black or lilac or teal ink ;o) And Gosh Rainbow is a clear polish filled with transparent flakies - I love it layered over darker polishes but some days ago I saw it layered over a white polish - it was just wonderful!

This polish combination is nice, I think. But I got a whole lot of different opinions. Some loved it, some were very doubtful and others hated it. But it certainly got a lot of looks from everyone - so it's not for those days you wish to go unseen ;o)

I applied this one monday evening and was pretty sure I'd remove it tuesday evening because - well, let's be honest: I was too afraid to wear ist. Anyhow - I removed it on saturday morning. Somehow my boldness growed and I went into "I like it - so you have to live with it!"-mode.

Removing it was not the PITA I anticipated! But after I removed it I had to file my nails way back because the peeling is still so bad and I can't leave it alone.

After this flakie-week I think I really need Nfu Ohs ... well well well - perhaps next month!

I just love how much depth the flakies create while their surface is perfectly smooth!

And I have a giveaway I wanted to show:
Painted Lady Fingers Hard Candy Giveaway!

And another Giveaway!
This time from R3 Daily - a Rescue Beauty Lounge Giveaway!

April 12, 2010

BPAL - Strangler Fig

This time from Rappaccini's Garden
A glorious parasite! Once the seeds of the Strangler Fig find root in the bark of a tree, snakelike roots erupt and reach graspingly at the sky. The Strangler Fig then sprouts numerous epiphytic vines that strangles and surrounds its unwilling host, and finally snuffs the life from it. Rooty, woody, with deep green tones.
wet: sweet grass and wood
later: Still a bit woody but I'm surprised: They said nothing about vanilla! Why is this vanilla on me? Really nice vanilla! Grown up vanilla! I think I'll need a bottle of this for those days a crave the security vanilla gives me. This might become a BPAL favorite of mine!

April 9, 2010

Peeling Nails

Now I remember why I stopped polishing my nails a few years ago!
  1. The polish wouldn't dry and I had always this nice bed linen stamping.
  2. My nails started to peel like crazy.
For the first point I found a solution (hello Poshe!) but the peeling is still a problem! It would be nice to pinpoint the reason for the peeling. Is it the polish or the polish remover? And how to counteract the effects? I'll try adding oil to my polish remover - but I already put oil on my nails after removing the polish, so I'm not sure if that will work. I already use a base coat that is supposed to prevent the peeling but well - my nails haven't read the text on the box, so they don't know about that.

Do you have a solution to peeling nails?

April 8, 2010

Color Club - Ms. Socialite (886)

Oh, this one is nice! And the application was a dream in 2 coats:

1 x Poshe nail strengthening treatment basecoat
2 x Color Club - Ms. Socialite
1 x Poshe super-fast drying topcoat

After 2 Color Club polishes I have to say, that I really like their formular so far! The brush could be better - but still! No shrinkage like with P2 and no drying issues like with my OPIs.

I'll be wearing this one a lot because I have severaly shirts in this color (I simply call it berry-color) and one wonderful, long skirt with paisley pattern in which this color occurs (someone convinced me last summer that I should wear more colorful stuff - and I think that someone was right.)

Two thumbs up for this Color Club Ms. Socialite!

April 6, 2010

Color Club - Take me to your Chateau (878)

Time to show my easter mani! Color Club Take me to your Chateau

This one seemed to be too much for the people around me! I got a lot of critical looks and comments. And I'm not sure if I loved it that much. And yes: A very messy application from me! But still: It was fun!

1 x Poshe nail strengthening treatment basecoat
2 x Color Club - Take me to your Chateau
1 x Poshe super-fast drying topcoat

If you don't have ridges (or a good ridge filler) this one would be a one coater!

April 4, 2010

Wonderful polishes I won in a giveaway!

I won the giveaway from Kris Primps! Thank you again for these wonderful Color Club polishes and this great giveaway!

Here are the polishes that reached me:

These are from left to right: Take me to your Chateau, Gossip Column, Wild at Heart, Wild and Willing

These are: High Society, Best dressed List, Ms. Socialite

And once again Wild at Heart, Wild and Willing with flash:

My first Color Clubs! I'm so excited to try them out! Thank you Kris!

And happy easter to all my readers! I wish you all a blessed holiday!

P.S.: I think Take me to your Chateau would be a good easter polish choice, wouldn't it?