March 31, 2010

Lumene - Magic Night / Taikayö (51)

Hello fellow polishers!

Time to show you Lumene Magic Night / Taikayö - I showed you the bottle in my Polish-Shopping post and finally I was in the mood for wearing it. And in short: I'm in love with it!

It's a lilac base which contains pink glitter and small blue/pink flakies.

You want pictures?! Here you go!

(inside, daylight)

Dragon said "Whoooa! This one is cool - suits your skin!" (wait a second: since when he realizes that a color suits my skincolor?!)

(outside, natural light)

For the first time at work someone (besides the one co-worker who knows about my addiction) mentioned my polish! They wondered how I manage to apply it so neatly. Well they haven't seen Michèle from Lacquerized ... so I just enjoy their compliments.


Later my cosmetician also told my how great this polish looks on me - and that the application was so wonderful (again: she did not read the blogs of the real application-artists!) and she even asked "Are those your real nails?" - "Yeah" - "Great!" (I think it's save to say that I'll never convert to acrylics and so on because I'm just too afraid about them, too economical and I don't like my nails much longer than they are now - so why I should try them out?)



Okay, what else there is to say ... application was okay - nothing too great, nor too terrible. But it took 3 coats to get a perfect coverage - by now I get the feeling that I do very thin coats. Only downside: Shrinkage. Looks like my nails usually do after 3 days with tipwear. But I don't care - as long as it is even, I can live with it. And the good: I didn't get worst - on my 3rd day of wearing it it's pretty much like on the day I applied.

1 x Poshe nail strengthening treatment basecoat
3 x Lumene Magic Night / Taikayö
2 x Poshe super-fast drying topcoat

Lumene seems to like "Night / Yö" in their polishnames ;o)

I'm glad that I have a backup from this - and I hope that Lumene has nice summer polishes when I'm back in buying range in july and not only those "play it save" colors they had the last time I checked their polishes.

Oh, and you remember my brush comparison? This bottle had a really uneven brush :o( Didn't like it a all. It was so hard to get an even line at the cuticles! Too bad. But I wasn't in the mood for trimming it, but one day I'll do.


  1. Ja, und ich hätte sie im Geschäft fast übersehen ... und hatte dann noch Glück, weil sie im Angebot war, deswegen kamen gleich 2 Flaschen mit nach Hause ;o)