March 7, 2010

Nude swatches

It's weekend, I have a bit time - so it's time for nail polish! And some surfing! Just found this great Birthday Giveaway I'll take part in! I mean - Gosh polishes!! Gosh! Very hard to get around here ... nice idea for a givaway!

Okay, I'm in the mood for something nude or light pink, creme ... something low-key but nice.

You won't believe it, but the sun is shining!!

So here we go from left to right:
2 coats of OPI Tickle my France-y
2 fingers with 2 coats of Lumene New World - Uuteen maailmaan (hey, this is not properly translated, is it? It should be "To the new Word", not?)
1 coats of Orly Country Club Khaki + 1 coat of OPI Tickle my France-y

Of course with basecoats and topcoats ... the dents in the coats are from "hey are you dry" testings. Have to do them :o) By the way: The Lumene is from my 10 new polishes shopping spree.

I'm not really happy with the colors in the sun picture - they seem more similar than they are in reality. New World is rosy, the others not. The shadow picture is a bit better:

Okay, the OPI is what I really want. The Lumene is nice but very girly, even if it's not a real pink - it is quite toned down. The Orly+OPI combination is okay but the colors on their own a nicer.

And what is with my Tickle my France-y problem? Is it solved with only 2 coats and VNL? No, it's not! This time I tried it with Poshe base- and topcoat - and yes, it won't dry! Later on I will try it again with P2 basecoat and no topcoat. I want to make this work! Can't be that hard, can it?

Tickle my France-y - why can't you be like Orly Country Club Khaki? Almost a onecoater and dry within minutes without topcoat! Makes me want to buy more Orlys! I hope they are all that great. And I love the rubber-lid!

So, mental note: Need more Orly!

And now ... where is my polish remover?

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