February 5, 2010

P2 - spacy (209)

Last week I polished my nails with P2 spacy, a quite nice anthracite shimmer (on the picture it's darker than it is in reality):

This are 2 layers of base coat, 2 layers of the actual color and 1 top coat. I think 1 coat of P2 spacy would have been enough for someone who is better skilled in applying nailpolish - I anyway needed 2 coats to get it opaque.

Right now I'm using P2 top and base coats and I'm desperately waiting for some fast drying top coats I ordered because right now it takes hours until the polish is that dry that I don't get imprints anymore. This one got imprints even 10 hours after applying. I really hope that everything will be better with my ordered Poshe Super-Fast Drying Top Coat or INM Out the door. I know that a lot of polishers love Seche Vite but I wanted to avoid Toluene and Seche Vite still seems to contain it.

I always need 2 coats of base coat because my nails never have been even and I need it to fill the ridges.

But right now I am so very impatient ... I have 2 orders on the way, both containing 9 polishes. One was shipped on january 25th, the other on february 1st - I'm still hoping for one order to arrive this week ...

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