February 16, 2010

BPAL - Dragon's Eye

I think it's time for "random BPAL" - I just pick one BPAL imp and test it. So this is the first one.

It is part of Ars Draconis and BPAL says:
A piercing, radiant perfume: dragon's blood resin, lily of the valley, lilac and galbanum.
I bought it because I thought that I'd love everything with Dragon's Blood. I was a bit wrong. The first minutes after applying this one is simply soap to me. Some soap I don't like at all. It's a very sharp scent and the Dragon's Blood is very subtle. In this scent's describtion it says that there is lily of the valley in it (funny - in Dragon's Blood it's not supposed to be but I smell it, in here I don't).

But after a while the sharp note disappears, but the soap note stays. But it's not that ugly anymore and has a sweet touch. Still, I won't buy a bottle of this one and I'm not sure I'll ever complete the imp.

This one's color: Shifts from grey to a bright green and back.

I might like this one on a man ... definitely a unisex scent!

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