February 22, 2010

BPAL - Brisingamen

Time for a random BPAL. Today it is Brisingamen.

It is part of the Ars Amatoria collection and BPAL descibes it as:
The amber necklace of Freyja, Norse Goddess of Love, Sex, Attraction and Fruitfulness. Her magnificent necklace was bough from four Dwarves [Alfrik, Berling, Dvalin and Grer] at the price of four nights of her passion. When Brisingamen graces your throat, no man can resist your charms. A glittering mantle of rich golden notes: five ambers, soft myrtle and apple blossom, myrtle, and carnation.
This is a very warm and sweet scent. Well, almost all BPALs turn pretty sweet on my. My skin turns everything sweet. Still this is nice but I'm not sure I'd wear this a lot. I can't find the carnation, nor the apple blossom but there is something woody in it.

There is a slight similarity to Blood Amber - but it's just the other way round: While Blood Amber has this "wet and floating, juicy" feeling to it, this one is totally dry and a powdery. In addition to that it's soapy. In the beginning not really much it grows ... the soapyness in addition to the powdery touch prevent it from becoming a favorite. It's really funny because it is so close to a potential "total love" scent - I have to sniff it again and again, still hoping that it changes a bit.

Anyway, I think this is a very comforting scent, I can imagine it as "good night" scent if you can look past the soapy part.

Addition after a few hours: By now the soap has gone and there is sweet powder left - no resemblance to Blood Amber anymore! But somehow nice. But I hate to wait that long till a scent is nice ...

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