February 10, 2010

BPAL - Dragon's Blood

Another favorite of mine!

It is part of Ars Draconis and BPAL says:
Powerful, commanding, blazing with strength.
This one also belongs to my "feel good and confident and protected" group (and well, right now I need it - yesterday I woke up and couldn't hear with one ear. Acute hearing loss - possibly due to some news I didn't like to hear at all. It really seems to be a case of "I didn't want to hear that - thatfore I now quit and won't listen anymore. Well well ... I hope it goes away soon!).

It has the same floating, wet quality like BPAL Blood Amber, but this one is not that sweet - guess it is the "blood" part that makes them silimar. But it has a spicy undertone to it. It feels grown up. Not ladylike - I'd say this one is unisex - at least on my skin. In addition it smells like lilies of the valley.

This ones color: lilac + blue with brown sparkles.

I got a lot of compliments out of this one, it seems to agree to a lot of people.

I hope this evening I find the time to polish my nails again. Only problem: I'm still waiting for my orders - so still no Fast Drying Top Coat and all I want to see on my nails right now is a holo polish! I'd love to go for CG FYI again. But perhaps I could switch to CG OMG instead - this way I'd have the opportunity to take some new pictures and post them here.

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