February 5, 2010

BPAL - Blood Amber

Todays scent is Blood Amber.

Blood Amber is part of Bewitching Brews, BPAL itself says:
Slivers of warm, pulsating blood forever crystallized in golden amber resin.
Blood Amber is my signature scent, it's just so ... me! I got it as a frimp and I have to admit: I would never have ordered it. I was repelled by the name - I'm not a big fun of "blood" in the name. Anyway, after I tried all the scents with names I liked better, I finally had the heart to try a bit of Blood Amber.

And it was love at first sniff!

Most BPALs have a heavy murphing going on between their stages from wet to dry. Some are beautiful while wet and when they are dried they are ... well ... average. I think I'll stick to describing the dried scent because lets face it: the wet stage is no factor for going for a scent!

Okay, back to Blood Amber. This scent makes me feel so great (scents have a huge impact on my mood) - it makes me feel self-confident, sexy, very feminine, warm and protected.

It is a sweet scent but not cavity getting sweet or candylike. For me it has a juicy quality with a touch of very faint flowers. The sweetness is very sophisticated and a bit ladylike - but not powdery at all. I don't know why but every time I sniff it it makes me think "wet" - I picture it floating wet an my skin ... at the same time it still has "an edge" that gives the sexy quality to it and keeps it from being immature. There is a hint of soft cinnamon to it, not the scarp version of cinnamon.

I realize that this scent is very hard to describe for me. I can tell you how it makes me feel, what it makes me think but not actually what it smells like. I have nothing to compare to this one!

Well in this case I go on about telling how it "looks" for me. In cases of numbers, scents and tastes I have synesthesia - so a scent has an actual color to me and I'm going to describe it to you:
This one is copper colored and on some edges it sparkles with orange and warm yellow, burgundy and a little lilac. The colors aren't bright, it's more that they seem to be illuminated by a candle ...

In short: This is MY scent. It's the one I use the most and I have several backup bottles from this one and made a deal with myself: Everytime I order some BPAL I will order 1 bottle of Blood Amber - ignoring how many bottles I already might have (but to be honest: I don't order that often - so the number of bottles is still reasonable).

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