February 5, 2010

China Glaze - FYI (64)

And here comes another polish!

I really really love this one! I ordered rightaway 2 backup-bottles of China Glaze FYI because once applied I knew that I'm going to wear this one a lot! I love holographic polishes! Well, I love everything holographic! But this one is just perfect! I can wear ist to work because on a cloudy day (and believe me: we have a lot of cloudy days!) it looks quite inconspicuous and works well with my skin tone:

(Sorry for the blurry quality - I was in a rush and the light was bad.)

In the sunlight or with artificial light it goes to "woooow!" and shows its entire holographic beauty:

When I saw the promo pictures of this color I thought "boooooring" - but one look at Scrangies Review of this made me reconsider. This could be THE holographic polish for me!

The pictures are taken on the 3rd day after applying, the 4th day would have been okay too but while peeling a cucumber for my guinea pigs I accidentally peeled one nail, too. So bye bye FYI - but I'm sure we'll see soon again!

The chipping was minimal and due to the nude quality of this color the chipping was quite unnoticeable and I was still happy with it.

For this one I used:
2 coats P2 Base + Care Coat
2 coats CG FYI
1 coat P2 Diamond Shine 3in1
and some Rival de Loop Fast Drying Spray (not sure if it really works)


  1. Whoa! This is gorgeous, I love it in the light :-D

  2. :o) Yes, everytime I see it in artificial light I have to stare at it for a while and smile - this polish really has the ability to make me happy.

    (and yaaay! My first comment! Thank you Aubree!)