February 21, 2010

OPI - Tickle my France-y (NLF16) and INM Out the door

Total disaster! I didn't even take a picture of this. But first: Tickle my France-y is a wonderful color! A really beautiful creme nude.

First I applied the Poshe nail strengthening treatment basecoat.

It took me 4 coats to get the OPI almost opaque, there was still a slight VNL. 4 coats is a lot of work. And I'm kinda lazy. But it was such a nice color that I thought it's worth the time.

Then I applied one coat of INM Out of the Door and waited. And waited. And reached out for another bottle of nailpolish and accidentally touched the bottle with one fingernail. And there it was ... a big mountain of nailpoilsh pushed together on my nail. Oh yes, it was still totally wet. Seems that INM Out the Door and I won't become good friends, this is the second letdown. But since INM and the Poshe basecoat already worked fine together and OPI and Poshe have proved that they are compatible too, it seems to be a problem between INM and OPI.

On one nail I tried to apply one coat Poshe - perhaps this would save me - but no, it was too late. So I waited till my partner came home, showed him the nice color - he agreed that it looked very nice - and pulled out the nailpolish remover ...

I wasn't in the mood for another 4 coats - so I went with my favorite: China Glaze FYI.

But I'll try OPI Tickle my France-y again - then with Poshe base- and topcoat. Guess I'm just more the Poshe-girl ...

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