February 17, 2010

OPI - Parlez vous OPI? (NLF14)

Time for my first creme! It's OPI - Parlez vous OPI?

I was in a hurry (again) and this is the result:

1 x Poshe nail strengthening treatment basecoat
2 x OPI Parlez vous OPI?
1 x Poshe super-fast drying topcoat

I still had in mind that cremes are terrible to apply. Well ... this one wasn't really better. The first coat looked ridiculous, the 2nd was okay (except on the thumb - thumbs seem to be a problem with me) and I applied the Poshe topcoat - and saw today in daylight that a 3rd coat would have been a good idea because there are a lot of "bald" spots. Well, too late.

But I loved the brush! I know that some don't like it at all but I really love it. Makes application very easy and I need only 1 stroke for my pinky!

But anyway, I like the color ... toned down lilac. Very special. I feel sophisticated. And the shine is wonderful - after the pumpy CG glitters it's just nice to have a smooth surface again. The topcoat works fine with the OPI and there is no shrinkage.

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