June 4, 2010

I won a giveaway!

And here are the wonderful polishes I got from Scandalously Polished:

These beauties are:
OPI DS - Design
Finger Paints - Decked with Dazzle
Incing - Blackout
Finger Paints - Sparkling Snow

They are perfect, dear Scandalous! Blackout is my favorite (at least in the bottle) and they are all firsts to me: Never had Finger Paints or Icing or any OPI DS!

And thank you for sending me a second parcel, cause folks, the first one is somewhere in parcel-nirvana :o( It's almost 2 months ago that Scandalously Polished sent the first parcel - and I really appreciate that you went through the trouble of sending a second one! Thank you!


  1. I am just glad that the second one made it and that you like them!

  2. ooo so lucky! I doubt I'll ever win a give-away. just not that lucky LOL.


  3. I usually have no luck - so I'm really happy about these polishes :o)