May 17, 2010

Catrice - I Sea You! (250) with China Glaze Atlantis (80406)

After 3 days of Catrice I Sea You! I just had to do some layering - and what a coincidence that I just received China Glaze Atlantis!

But I've to say: China Glaze Atlantis is not a all what I expected! I wonder why - I saw it so many times in blogs! But I didn't realize that it contains just silver holo glitter! Somehow I thought it would be multicolored! But well, it's still nice! It's just a turquoise jelly with silver holo glitter.

Here are 2 layers of Atlantis over Catrice:

1 x P2 Care and Basecoat
2 x Catrice I Sea You!
1 x Poshe super-fast drying topcoat
2 x China Glaze Atlantis

And a closeup:

The surface is really bumpy but I was too lazy to apply any additional topcoat - and since there is no sunshine in sight I can't even show the wonderfull bling this polish has! All I get is cold temperatures and big clouds!

Removing was a real PITA ... next time I'll try the aluminum foil method!

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