June 23, 2010

Make Up Store - SIW

Hello again!

So here comes the most expansive nail polish I own right now (14€ about 17$):
Make Up Store SIW
It's sitting for quite some time on my shelf - I showed a bottle picture here - I was afraid to try it out and to regret the money spent. But finally I dared to do it:

Isn't it a beauty?! I just love holos!

But of course: This beautiful light blue holo had to be a PITA to apply! Well at least when I tried it the "normal" way. I figured out that this one needs the following procedure: Base coat, 1 coat polish, topcoat, 1 coat polish and so on - 2 coats of polish on top of each other will cause bald spots. Unlike the China Glaze OMG holos this one really dulls down with a topcoat. But the good thing is: It dries really quick! You won't need a fastdrying topcoat with this one, a fact I love.

So this are
1 x Nubar Foundation Base Coat
3 x Make Up Store SIW
1 x Nubar Diamont Seal & Shine Topcoat
1 x Make Up Store SIW

So all in all this are 4 coats of SIW! Not because it's too sheer, no, because of the bald spots. Otherwise 2-3 coats would have been enough.

(had to make one picture in natural light but indoors because thats where the blue color is really beautiful)

Well, but it's not only a PITA to apply - it chips. These pictures are on the 3rd day of wear, but the chipping started on day 1 - I had to do minor touchups every day - but in the end I wore it for 7 days because it was just so nice.

So this is a very expansive polish which is terrible to apply and likes to chip but dries quickly. But somehow it is worth the trouble because it's just so - wow! I really like it and I'll have to check out the other holos from this brand - unfortunally they rised prices, now it's 15€ a bottle, at least the homepage tells so - so I'll only reach out for something really special - otherwise there would be a lot of nice colors to try, the color range was quite nice! And I love the bottles ...

I only wish for a personal lighting technician so that all holos always look adoreable!


  1. This is gorgeous I have Makeup Store Britta and had the same problems

  2. Britt is one of those I'd buy myself - even if it's not really my color ... but somehow it would be so wonderful girly! Or Madelein - will have to see :o)

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