October 7, 2010

BPAL shopping

BPAL shopping is a ritual - and it requires a certain amount of patience ...

First I check which bottles I really need. Which is always 1 bottle of Blood Amber + some additional scents.

Then you go to the Lab site and search through the site, make a list with scents that sound good (typically way too many). Usually I stop searching the labs site after a while because I consider it to be too hard to narrow my wishlist later - so better not let it grow too big in the beginning.

After that I go to the forum and search for recommendations and reviews - which usually ends up in adding more and more scents to my wishlist, crossing out a few, reconsidering others.

Then comes the day when I finally allow myself to order - a lot of BPALers do that on lunacy updates (for 1-2 days you can order a special lunacy blend) - I try to avoid all lunacys and Limited Editions because I fear that I fall in love with a scent that might never come back again. So I usually stick to the GC (General Catalogue - which is huge and filled with wonderful blends). And then comes the waiting ... mostly it takes about 3 weeks for my orders to arrive.

And then - after a looooong time - I finally get this magical little parcel filled with beauties ...

4 bottles, 13 imps and a lot of frimps (free imps - I'm so glad the lab tosses them in! Somehow I often end up loving the frimps more than the imps I chosed! ... of course ending up in buying more bottles ... so thank you BPAL!!) and a card.

And then the testing beginns ... usually ending up in trying up to 4 different scents at the same time and asking the dragon "And this one?!" - and after that comes the careful testing, only one scent at the time and allowing it to morph over the hours.

This time the package just arrived at the wrong time - I'm having a cold and my nose is just unfair, depriving me of sniffing thoroughly through my new treasures - but I guess one day my cold has to go away ...

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