October 25, 2010

BPAL - Halloween: San Francisco 2010

I was so waiting for this decant! The lab's description just sounds too great:
Salt air wafting in from the bay. Rain falling on rain-soaked leaves.
I love the idea behind these "Halloween memory" scents from Beth :o) Thank you for sharing your Halloweens with us!

Lets see what my skin does to it:

Wet this is salty + fresh sort of herbal. I don't associate this one with leaves - for me it is too sharp for leaves.

Dry: This is definitively playing in the "fresh" class! It really reminds me of taking a walk on a foggy autumn morning next to the sea.

But I don't get enough from the leaves in this one - it's only foggy and fresh, that's why it's not really what I was hoping for. It's drawing a nice picture and I really like the idea of it but I don't think that I'll need a bottle of this one. But I'll appreciate my decant.

I could imagine this one on my dragon - will have to ask if he'll finally give in and try his first BPAL! If he should like it, I consider one bottle as a gift for him - always wanted to enable him!

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