April 27, 2010

Sad news - where to get nailpolish?!

I'm bummed ... transdesign - my polish dealer - stopped shipping nailpolish in flat rate boxes outside US. How should I get my polishes now? They had good prices, especially on China Glaze. The prices on China Glaze, OPI or Essie are absurd around here! OPI polishes go from 14-20€ (18-26$)! And after my bad experiences with OPI I would not buy a polish at that price. The China Glazes I bought here were 7-8€ (10-11$). Even with shipping and taxes the polishes I bought at transdesign were less expensive.

Very very sad.


  1. Try ebay, it has some really good deals on polishes.
    OPI is really expensive in my country, too, about 20$. That is to much IMO.
    On ebay they are about 9$, or even less if you order more and combine shipping. I hope you will soon find another source of beautiful polishes :)

  2. Thank you Blanka! Yes, ebay is an option. I also found www.8ty8beauty.com - perhaps I'll order there once. Wanted to buy some nice polishes for my little cousin ...