April 26, 2010

China Glaze - Bermuda Breakaway (674) with Gosh - Rainbow (546)

Sorry for the big break! After the massive nail-peeling I gave my nails a little break and afterwards I needed a China Glaze FYI treat. The peeling is still bad ...

But now I'm back with a picspam from something ... well ... colorful! Very colorful indeed:
China Glaze Bermuda Breakaway layered with Gosh Rainbow.

Is it too much? - Perhaps

Do I like it? - Yes

Does the dragon like it? - No way!

This time the coats are a bit different:
2 x P2 8in1 nailwonder
2 x China Glaze Bermuda Breakaway
1 x Poshe super-fast drying topcoat
1 x Gosh Rainbow
1 x Poshe super-fast drying topcoat

I think a bit less flakies would have been nice - but Gosh Rainbow is really packed with them!

(in the sun)

And guess what? I had bed linen stamping! But thanks to the flakies you won't see it, so I don't care that much.

So what do we have? China Glaze Bermuda Breakaway is a creme blue - ink blue. A least the ink I wrote with as a child - before we were allowed to use black or lilac or teal ink ;o) And Gosh Rainbow is a clear polish filled with transparent flakies - I love it layered over darker polishes but some days ago I saw it layered over a white polish - it was just wonderful!

This polish combination is nice, I think. But I got a whole lot of different opinions. Some loved it, some were very doubtful and others hated it. But it certainly got a lot of looks from everyone - so it's not for those days you wish to go unseen ;o)

I applied this one monday evening and was pretty sure I'd remove it tuesday evening because - well, let's be honest: I was too afraid to wear ist. Anyhow - I removed it on saturday morning. Somehow my boldness growed and I went into "I like it - so you have to live with it!"-mode.

Removing it was not the PITA I anticipated! But after I removed it I had to file my nails way back because the peeling is still so bad and I can't leave it alone.

After this flakie-week I think I really need Nfu Ohs ... well well well - perhaps next month!

I just love how much depth the flakies create while their surface is perfectly smooth!

And I have a giveaway I wanted to show:
Painted Lady Fingers Hard Candy Giveaway!

And another Giveaway!
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